“Shelby's depth of knowledge about the art and science of yoga instruction is astounding. She truly is a master at her craft and we are fortunate to have someone of her talent, ability, and insight here in the San Diego yoga community.”
- Gretchen M. (Social Worker and Yoga Teacher)

“My husband, Ben and I attended Shelby's Yin Yoga workshop and we really loved it. Both of us are fairly practiced yogis, but relatively new to the concepts and practice of Yin Yoga. It was very clear that Shelby has an incredible understanding of the principles and practice of Yin Yoga and she did an amazing job articulating the basics to our class with just the right amount of technical vs. philosophical information. The class was perfectly paced as well. Again, huge compliments to Shelby and how she conducted the class, very useful, impactful, and enlightening!”
- Laurin W. (Clinical Research)

“Starting to practice Yoga at age 55 is a huge challenge. While I struggle, Shelby has been inspiring, supportive and encouraging. I have been doing private yoga practice with Shelby and the overall benefits of this practice are indescribable.”
 - Jana L. (Lawyer)

“I very much appreciate Shelby as a person and a teacher; I always learn so much from her, and her kindness, expertise and ability to hold space helped me reach my "goal."
- Joy K. (Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer)

“I am an attorney, 58 years old. For over 2 years, I have been a private student of Shelby’s. She tailors her teaching to the needs and abilities of her students. The physical and mental benefits of this practice are undeniable. I recommend her most highly.”
- Dean K. (Attorney) 

“I truly enjoy being in Shelby’s classes. She has really been a great inspiration and motivation through out the year. She made me feel welcome as soon as I stepped into Yoga Well.” 
- Alexis R. (Hair Stylist and recent Yoga Well Graduate/Yoga Teacher)

"Shelby rocks! Before meeting Shelby I genuinely thought that Yoga was the dumbest thing on the face of the earth. Boy was I wrong. Through her guidance, patience and knowledge I have found a new life reborn with the yogi spirit. My mental, physical and spiritual well being has exponentially  improved under her instruction. I truly believe that anyone can benefit from her bevy of kind and gentle instruction."
- Aaron Evans (Artist - 4 year private student)