Continuing Ed

Continuing Education 
Designed to Both Empower the Practitioner and Expand the Teacher's Offerings....

Practicing Since 1997, Teaching Since 2005, Training Teachers and Writing YTT Curriculum Since 2010
Over 4,500 Hours of In-Class Teaching Experience
Contact:       619-964-0313

I am available to present all subjects below for all levels of instruction and for any length of time between 2 hour workshops - 20 Hour Intensives, Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers, and/or Full Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Trainings (200 Hr and 300 Hr). Please contact me for more information and for booking.

-All 8 limbs (taught collectively or individually):
Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

-ALL components of yoga teacher training per Yoga Alliance standards – teaching methodology, adjustments, sequencing, modifications, general anatomy, business, how to create workshops, ALL of it... 

-Therapeutic Yin Yoga: A Continuing Education Intensive
20 Hour Certificate Intensive for teachers and students. Curriculum empowers the practitioner while providing a thorough foundation for yoga teachers wishing to add Yin Yoga to their teaching offerings

-Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Modifications
1.     ANY focus on the structural health and rehabilitation of the physical body
2.     Proper muscle initiation and action within asana
3.     nervous system disorders (ex. depression, anxiety, panic, OCD)
4.     eating disorder support
5.     substance abuse and addiction
6.     postural re-patterning
7.     chronic pain management
8.     breath empowerment

-Yoga Teaching Refinement Series
1.     sequencing
2.     asana adjustments
3.     tools for teaching multi-level classes
4.     private client assessment and proficiency for success
5.     space holding/seat of the teacher empowerment
6.     teaching tools for leading meditation and pranayama within public asana classes
7.     savasana tools
8.     how to maintain personal energy and boundaries to avoid “teacher burnout”

-Pranayama (breath workshops)


-Energetic Anatomy
1.     koshas
2.     pranas
3.     bandhas
4.     chakras 
5.     cosmic energy (moon cycles and manifestation empowerment)

-Asana Styles
1.     Vinyasa
2.     Yin Yoga
3.     Anusara Influenced Hatha
4.     Astanga (Basic Beginners, Modified Primary, Primary, Rocket 1, Rocket 2)
5.     Power Yoga
6.     Restorative
7.     Gentle
8.     Chair Yoga
9.     Viniyoga (yoga therapy) 

-Specific Pose Focus: ie Balancing, Standing, Seated, Twisting, Inversions, Prone, Supine, Backbends…

In addition to the above topics, I am open to requests!

Additional Questions? Contact Shelby Lafrinere 619-964-0313 or email